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Apple Butter Making

Our region is one of the few that still has family-owned apple orchards which grow over two dozen varieties of heirloom apples. Each Fall we receive apples directly from these orchards and transform them into delicious apple butter.

The process begins with the community coming together to peel 50 or more cases of apples, by hand. Then, at midnight, the copper kettles are set up outside, fired up, and little by little apple pieces are added, until, 12-14 hours later we have pure apple butter. We add a few spices (and for about half the batch also sugar) and then fill the apple butter into mason jars. By the time the filling begins on the long tables outside, there usually is a long line of people waiting to buy the warm apple butter, and to participate in the age-old tradition of dipping biscuits into apple butter.

All proceeds from the sale are used for the community: to sponsor local clubs, scholarships for high school students and support of worthy local causes.